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Parallel efficient ModulAr tools for multiPhysics and multIscale complEx simulations.

Applications to shock waves propagation in complex media

Duration : 48 months (beginning in october 2013)

ANR Partners

Objectives of the project

MAPIE is a multidisciplinary research project developed in partnerships with applied mathematicians, computer scientists, and scientists from fluid and solid mechanics. The project is mainly based on algorithm development, code production, massively parallel computers exploitation, accelerators (GPU, coprocessors) and hybrid architectures applications.

The main objectives of MAPIE project are :
  1. To develop a numerical modular framework for studying the response of an elastic structure subjected to an incident blast pressure wave considering Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI).
  2. To determine the relationship between the structure and blast parameters for which the influence of FSI cannot be neglected.
  3. To develop a procedure for high-performance computing large-scale load balancing simulations of complex shock and blast waves propagation in fluid-solid environment using immersed boundary methods on hierarchical adaptive grids.
  4. To exploit the potential of the current parallel machines available within GENCI infrastructures for large-scale complex problems in high-speed flows and HF wave propagation in structures.
  5. To setup a joint research effort for future development of highly scalable parallel software and efficient numerical algorithms for addressing more effectively grand scientific challenges.



COmplexe de Recherche Interprofessionnel en Aérothermochimie, CNRS UMR 6614, INSA Rouen
Hadjadj Abdellah Professor and Principal Investigator
Soni Vineet Phd student
XX XX Post-doctoral researcher
Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray, CNRS UMR 6629, Université de Nantes
Moebs Guy CNRS Research engineer
Laboratoire Mécanique des Sols, Structures et Matériaux, MSSMat, CNRS UMR 8579, Ecole Centrale de Paris (Chatenay Malabry)
Mouronval Anne-Sophie ITRF Research engineer
Aubry Denis Professor
Tie Bing Researcher
NGuyen Dang Van Post-doctoral researcher
Mésocentre de l'Ecole Centrale Paris (Chatenay Malabry)
Series Laurent ITRF Research engineer

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